The Role of Clothing in the Business World

The Role of Clothing in the Business World

Be it a corporate board meeting or a sales call, dressing smartly has always been a necessity in the business world. In the stiff competition of today, you can always have an upper hand in the business world by presenting a smart image of yourself before your clients and colleagues.

It is often said that the way we dress reflects our personality as people judge us on this criterion. The selection of your professional dress, in turn, describes your business and status. It is very important to know how to dress for your profession if you are eager to take yourself to new heights.

A person’s clothing mainly depends on four factors: industry in which one works, one’s work profile in that industry, the area one lives in, and also what the client expects.

Business Apparels for Men:

The trends of men’s apparel do not necessarily take an effective change every season. Conventional suits in navy blue, black, or grey color shade with pinstripes worn with ultra-white or soft blue long-sleeved shirts add elegance to one’s personality. Different shades work out different personality traits.

The fiber of one’s tie should either be silk or silk-like fabric. Shoes should be decent, clean, and without any exception well polished. The socks shouldn’t be torn if one wants to avoid a shameful situation in an airport security check or likewise. Waist belts should match the shoes in quality.

A Business Man should ideally prefer minimal use of jewelry. He should be clean-shaven and should use a good deodorant. His accessories such as suitcases, pens, etc should also be elegant and classy.

Business Apparels for Women:

A woman’s apparel, unlike the past, no more depends on the changing trends in fashion. Women looking for a traditional look should wear a skirt suit or trouser suit but the former is considered more professional.

Apparels should be accompanied by matching jackets or the dress seems to be incomplete. The length of the skirt should ideally be up to the knees neither more nor less unless of course if you are willing to draw unwanted attention. As far as shoes are concerned low heels are preferred over high heels or flats.

Her blouses and sweaters should be in vivid colors and should ideally be more appealing that revealing especially because a visually improper neckline or waistline may create an embarrassing situation for a woman.

Jewelry and accessories again should be kept minimal. One ring per hand or a set of earrings should suffice the requirement of jewelry on your body.

The fashion world keeps changing with each passing day. The Corporate style, however, is something that remains quite similar but smart. The impact that a jet black blazer wore over a white shirt and jet black trouser has is quite an example in itself. Business suits are simple yet trendy. Designed for making one look smart and confident, they are an absolute necessity in the corporate world.