Soccer World Ball Skills Games

Soccer World Ball Skills GamesYouth soccer skill gamesPossibly, like me, you are a soccer enthusiast who is no longer up to the job of operating around for 90 minutes. Try five min or significantly less. It wasn’t only my son. It was the very same six or 7. They all left that club and those children will constantly bear in mind what TSF did. All TSF’s tournaments are far more than 1 hr away with hotels and meals also. Do you feel it is ok for a coach to ask a parent to go being aware of your child will not play? He even anticipated him to fly to Dallas. So you consider it is acceptable that he lied? Not only to me and there is no accountability? That is not what kids should discover. Defend TSF all you want but they have no integrity.

BTW, I nevertheless believe if Messi grew up in the US, he would have been overlooked till his perhaps his mid to late teens. I nonetheless see these genuinely physical little ones with what I call mid level expertise at some DA clubs. Is not this all about development? Reminds me of the basketball adage – you cannot teach height, or in soccer’s case, massive strong quick.

But tell that to a 12 or 13 year old kid who goes to every practice, fall and spring season, hardly plays in any games except when in a blue moon and then he gets two minutes of garbage time at the end of some meaningless game. Then, parents purchase tickets to Dallas for the tournament, and he gets 5 minutes of total playing time? Seriously? How about telling the parents that you are keeping a limited bench, and no want to fly? I’m certain the former TSF coach now at Cedar …

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