New Perler Bead Art! Soccer Ball Made Out Of Perler Beads

Soccer ball made out of perler beadsA couple weeks ago I bought a large tub of perler beads in preparation for Vincenzo’s Minecraft celebration. I also made Yoshi and Infant Mario from Super Mario World two: Yoshi’s Island. I’ve seen this Perler art a lot on the internet, and I usually intended it to be one of my initial projects. I don’t know why I waited this lengthy, but I’m glad I finally created it. It is one of my favorites the beads fused easily, it’s colorful, and the beads remained about the exact same size soon after ironing. Generally some close up much more than others.

This project took a long time. I also had to locate a lot more brown beads, which I was so lucky to discover in a Michaels. I had ordered the yellow beads for Princess Kenny shortly prior to and I didn’t want to have to order beads once more. The beads themselves aren’t costly, but the shipping is not really worth it if you just want 1 colour, so I typically like to wait until I am low on a number of colors just before ordering online. Anyway, it was undoubtedly a single of the greatest seeking projects I’ve completed.

But right after seeing video game sprites from Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy games produced out of Perler beads, I’m quite ashamed I never tried this sooner. Specifically as a kid. I’ve often loved game sprites. I’d even go so far as to say they fascinated me. I do not actually know why. Possibly it was because I was a super organized kid, and seeing pixels so completely arranged was attractive to me. Maybe it was because sprites were primarily the identical as flip books, and if you place them all together …

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