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Soccer Shoes & Cleats Under Armour Soccer Turf ShoesUnder armour soccer turf shoesUnder Armour Soccer Cleats are not the first thing that comes to mind when looking for something comfortable and with great traction. So if you want to give these underrated beauties a chance, you probably won’t be disappointed at all with the performance you’ll get from them. Under Armour decided to go all-in with this model and the final result is extremely impressive, proving that the brand is ready to make a name for itself and probably get some of its competitors deservedly nervous.

So, you went out and bought the best soccer cleats you can find. But, how do you take care of them so they remain in top condition? A good place to start would be by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your soccer shoes. A lot of people think their usual turf soccer shoes will provide the same traction under all conditions but that’s not the case and as soon as it starts raining and the ground is saturated with water, the sole can slip faster than you can imagine. That may or may not require you to change shoes since a lot of turf cleats are both waterproof and tested under extreme conditions to maintain good fixation and traction, but nevertheless, there’s going to be some loss of grip (you can’t beat physics).

Artificial Hard Ground – Soccer fields with field turf, artificial grass, or hard ground do not allow the studs of the shoe to penetrate the surface. In field turf soccer fields your stud may become stuck in the turf and cause an injury. For these reasons AG (artificial ground) or HG (hard ground) soccer cleats are designed to give players grip while also reducing pressure on your ankle, knee, and back.

Under Armour Soccer Cleats At Soccer under

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